About Us …


Suzie, Bri and Jolly


We’re a fun-loving, life-living couple based in Lancashire, UK.  We blog about our adventures in ‘Jolly’, our motorhome.  We’ve been blogging since starting to live our motorhome dream in March, 2014.  The blog has grown considerably since then.  

We have a passion for the outdoors and embrace the freedom to travel and explore new, beautiful and interesting places.  Our adventures to date have been based in the UK, but as time demands and responsibilities allow, we will travel further afield into and across Europe.  In the meantime, we’re really getting to know our home country and there are heaps of adventures to be had here.  

Maybe you’re considering a motorhome/caravan yourself?   Whatever your reason for stumbling upon our blog, we hope that you find our adventures and experiences interesting/entertaining/informative/fun.  If so, please click the ‘follow’ button for updates on new posts.  If not, thanks for dropping by!  

You can also find us on Twitter – @JollyMajestic.  Drop us a tweet and say ‘hi’ 🙂

History, cycling, walking, photography, fishing, ukulele, wine, real ale & good food – we’ve found our heaven!  

ONWARD!>>>> 🚐😎

Suzie & Bri

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