Redwell Fisheries, Arkholme, Lune Valley

Well, well, well, guess who drove on this adventure …

We visited Redwell Fisheries following our previous cancellation due to the fact that the only eatery for a couple of miles around here was closed the week we had originally booked – these are vital considerations for any adventure! 🍴🍺🍷😉.

We had booked ahead at Redwell, but there seemed to be a little confusion re. which pitch we were to be allocated and we had to wait a couple of hours before receiving our electricity supply.  No worries though because by this time we had already activated our gas supply for Jolly’s heating, hot water & fridge, and made our way to the nearby Inn for tea.  When we returned later everything had been sorted for us and we had a thoroughly comfortable stay.

We only used Jolly’s onboard facilities as usual, but Bri poked his head into the toilet/shower facilities and declared them perfectly adequate and clean.  There was electric, water and grey waste point on each pitch, and a chemical toilet disposal point on site.

Although not as aesthetically pleasing as Horns Dam, Goosnargh, Redwell Fisheries had well kept, spacious fishing pegs.  The lakes were all connected, appeared well stocked and gave us a very successful day’s fishing.  In fact it was our best fishing – 10 bream/rudd/roach caught between us.  We were well kitted out and set our stall out beneath our large fishing brolly and fished from midday for approx. 4.5 hours in pretty much constant rain.  The feeding frenzy started around 3pm until we left, with white maggot being the most tempting bait, but worm also pulled out one or two.  The number of catches more than made up for our damp and cold bones when we returned to Jolly at the end of the afternoon.

After freshening up, a little liquid refreshment, hot shower, and smartening up, we headed to the local Redwell Inn for our evening meal.  It is approx. 10 mins walk from site along the Kirkby Lonsdale B road. It’s best to cut through to the grassy area at the top of the site (opposite end to the entrance) to access the road up, as walking up from the entrance which we had to do on the second night due to the amount of rainfall, is a little scary.  It is a fast road with some bends and at this time of year in the dark you need your wits about you.  We wore our high viz jackets, carried a torch and stepped well into the grass banking as any vehicles passed.

We ate here both nights and were very impressed with the food.  On top of that, we think the staff at this pub are a real credit to the place.  Friendly, fun and very attentive to the needs of customers.  On the second night, they were experiencing some difficult customers who had set the evening bookings back considerably.  They were very apologetic to us and supplied a couple of rounds of free drinks to us and another group waiting.  We were very happy just relaxing in the bar and reassured them it was no problem at all.  To top both evenings off, the staff gave us a lift back to Jolly, due to the bad weather.  In fact the owner/chef, Rob, dropped us off himself on the last night.  So they literally went the extra mile for us! 👍

Another great weekend.  We’ll happily return here in the future.  Our next Jolly outing though is just an overnighter to visit family next week.  We’ll be staying at a different place to the two we’ve used in the past though as they are closed.  Should be interesting, we always look forward to trying new sites.

Til next time, ONWARD!>>>>

Suzie & Bri

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