Happy New Year! 🎉🍾

A belated Happy New Year and a huge thank you to our blog friends for following our journeys and adventures.  It makes posting less about talking to yourself and more about sharing!

We had hoped to have posted further since our last trip to Castleton in November, and it feels like forever since we were out in Jolly.  Unfortunately, our Boxing Day trip to Clitheroe for Bri’s birthday had to be abandoned at the very last minute due to flooding in and around the area.  All of our access routes were cut-off and it would have been stupid to even attempt the journey, however much we wanted to.  Cheers for that, Storm Eva!  *waves fist in air*

Our thoughts though, obviously, were with the poor residents who were seriously affected by the floods, and not for the first time in recent weeks.  The wind and rain was relentless.  Bring on some cooler air, frost and snow please, it’s winter for God’s sake!

Anyway, instead we kept our Jolls snug in his storage bay, and got on with popping celebratory bubble corks at home.  We also planned some more this year’s adventures which will hopefully include our first Jolly adventure out of the country or at the very least a longer break further afield in the UK.  We also reminisced about our trips to date, of which there are now quite a number.

Our first trip of 2016 is this week and after reviewing our destination on their website, we’ve already fallen for the place hook, line and sinker … 🎣 😉.  We’ll update the blog on our return.  Until then …


Suzie & Bri

Ps. Jolly’s now kitted with grip mats so no more grass spinning like we experienced at Uttoxeter where there had been no choice of a hard-standing pitch.


We recommend investing in a set of these as it doesn’t take much to become stuck in mud/grass, especially with our weather!


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