On countdown to our next trip …

It has been a lonnnng 3 week wait. We’re already wondering what we did before Jolly came along.

Oh well, just 5 days now until we visit Hebden Bridge described in a Guardian article as ‘West Yorkshire’s cool and quirky corner’:-



Suzie & Bri



2 thoughts on “On countdown to our next trip …

  1. There’s a brilliant cycle shop in Hebden called Blazing Saddles (I kid you not). Very down to earth staff – when John asked about comfy saddles he was told he had to ‘MTFU’. Took us ages to work it out!!!

    • Haha, just worked it out. So, did he MTFU?
      We saw the Blazing Saddles shop but didn’t go in this time, maybe next time. We hope to return in better weather. Bri wants some Hebden Bridge clogs!

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